661 E. Tallmadge Ave.
Akron, Ohio 44310-2497

Giant Automotive Products Inc has been an automotive recycler in Akron, Ohio since 1930. In the summer of 2010 Giant Auto met with the Federal EPA and began testing used catalytic converters so that they can be reused on vehicles. Current Federal law stipulates that a used catalytic converter cannot be installed on another vehicle unless it has been tested according to EPA requirements. Giant Auto has been building an inventory of used converters, and has the ability to test a converter on or off the car.

Each time a catalytic converter passes the testing process, it is entered into Giant’s automated inventory system. That inventory can be viewed at www.giantautoparts.net.  A strong effort is being made to insure the accuracy of the catalytic converter inventory. Prices of other options are reviewed to assure affordability for the customer. New O.E. converters are often expensive. Used O.E. converters offer the consumer the same high quality product at an affordable price.

Giant Auto has been networking with other salvage yards in order to expand its converter inventory. In situations where a converter is not in stock, it is often possible to locate one quickly.

Please call Giant Auto at 330-434-8151 or send an e-mail to us at sales@giantautoparts.net.